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Talking to your kids about fentanyl is just the beginning. Talk to other parents, too.

The tools on this page are designed specifically to educate parents about fentanyl and help them have conversations with their kids. Use them yourself, and share them with anyone who might find them helpful.

Fentanyl Fact Pack

Download and share the below Q&A cards with your kids and other parents or download the entire fentanyl fact pack.

Watch the Creator F*Bomb Conversations

Our creators dropped the F*bomb with their kids. Watch their conversations to get ideas on how to approach the conversation with yours.

Download all of the transcripts

Download Jodie's transcript


Download Rob's transcript

Download Lucina's transcript

Now it's your turn: drop the F*bomb with your kids

Use this QR code to get the facts on fentanyl. Record yourself delivering the facts and send it to your child to start this life-saving conversation! Open Instagram and scan to get started.